Young Adult Leadership Action (YALA)

What is YALA?

YALA isn’t a club, it isn’t a group, and there is no membership. Instead – It’s an idea. The idea is to empower younger adults to make Judaism their own by providing a framework and resources for programming, initiatives, events, and social opportunities. YALA seeks to embolden young people (20’s, 30’s, or beyond) to find their place within or adjacent to the Jewish institutions and groups here in the Twin Cities.

 Why Now?

For a few years now, young adults in the Twin Cities have been without a clear path to Jewish engagement and involvement outside of a single organization. Many Jewish organizations in the Twin Cities have been working both independently and together to provide opportunities for younger people, but there hasn’t been a central path to leadership across these platforms. At the same time, the Jewish Federations of both Minneapolis and Saint Paul were trying to figure out how to “stay relevant”. Thus was born YALA. YALA seeks to galvanize local Jewish organizations and other organizations/projects near and dear to the Jewish folks in town.

What makes YALA different?

YALA is all about people making Judaism their own. What resonates with you when you think about “doing Jewish”? Volunteerism, giving back, socializing with friends, music, exclusive travel opportunities, social justice, networking, and professional – it’s all there for you to create and explore!