Twin Cities Cardozo Society

What is the Twin Cities Cardozo Society?

The Jewish legal community coming together to advance the philanthropic mission of the St. Paul and Minneapolis Jewish Federations, in order to ensure the security and vitality of the Jewish people.

The Twin Cities Cardozo Society is a place for Jewish attorneys, judges, and law students to network and serve the community. We strengthen bonds among legal professionals through educational, social and philanthropic activities, and offer opportunities for communal involvement and leadership.


If you are a practicing or retired attorney, judge or law student who is Jewish, you’re eligible to become a part of the Cardozo Society! A gift to either the Minneapolis Jewish Federation or the St. Paul Jewish Federation is suggested.

Pro Bono Opportunities

Seeking volunteers for the Cardozo Society legal aid clinic among attorneys who live and/or work in St. Paul! We have formed a wonderful partnership with both Southern Minnesota Regional Legal Aid Services (SMRLS) and Interfaith Action. The Cardozo Society will now be able to provide pro bono legal advice to the St. Paul community from 1:00-4:00 p.m. on Thursday afternoons at the Morning Star Baptist Church located at 739 Selby Avenue in St. Paul.

For more information about the St. Paul Legal Aid Clinic, please contact Greg Arenson at

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Steering Committee Chairs
Robin Landy, Charlie Nauen

Campaign Chairs
Alan Milavetz, Drew Zamansky

Program Chairs
Alexandra Michelson Connell, Judah Druck

Public Service Chairs
Greg Arenson

21st Annual Dinner Chairs
Melissa Weiner, Karen Schanfield, Barry Landy

Arthur T. Pfefer Award Selection Committee Chair
Jenny Gassman-Pines

Sidney Barrows Lifetime Commitment Award Selection Committee Chair
Robert Barrows

2021-2022 Steering Committee

Robin Landy, Chair
Charlie Nauen, Chair
Leigh Abrams-Waterman
Greg Arenson
Dan Berlinger
Justin Boschwitz
Marty Chester
Alexandra Michelson Connell
Judah Druck
Jenny Gassman-Pines
Marlene Goldenberg
Stuart Goldenberg
Josh Hasko
Steve Hunegs
Jesse Kibort
Alexandra Klass
David Krco
Barry Landy
Hon. Jonathan Lebedoff
Rick Linsk
Michael Lorberbaum
Andy Luger
Betty Meerovich
Alan Milavetz
David Milavetz
Susan Minsberg
Jill Oleisky
Ethan Roberts
Steve Rubin
Marsha Schoenkin
Shira Shapiro
Hon. David Stras
Howard Tarkow
Alex Tselos
Melissa Weiner
Ed Winer
Drew Zamansky

Cardozo Society Steering Committee Emeritus Members
Jerry Ingber
Phyllis Karasov
Scott Lifson
Hon. Rosanne Nathanson
Les Novak
Andrew Parker
Jon Parritz
Tom Sanders
Ron Zamansky