Meet Gabe

Gabe Herstig

Director of Young Adult Leadership & Engagement

If you identify as a young Jew in the Twin Cities, chances are you’ll be meeting Gabe Herstig soon.

Gabe joined the Federation team in October 2021 initially as the Israel Program Specialist for the Minneapolis Jewish Federation, and is now taking on the role of YALA Director.

When he first joined our team, he was excited to move away from a corporate background and back into the Jewish community: “Growing up here, I had always been very Jewishly involved socially—I grew up going to Adath, I went to Herzl, and was super involved in USY,” he said. “I realized that working in the Jewish community and being involved there might be more fulfilling to me.”

Want to meet Gabe and chat about all the ways you can get involved as a young adult in your Jewish community? Schedule a coffee chat with him here!