Harry Kay Center for Leadership Excellence

For more than 30 years, the Harry Kay Center for Leadership Excellence (HKCLE) has inspired and assisted emerging leaders in addressing the issues and challenges facing Jews as a community and individually.  

The successes of the HKCLE have brought passionate people together from both sides of the river, introduced a new generation of leaders to the struggles and opportunities in the Jewish community and given them the skills and tools to navigate them, and raised the profile of Jewish organizations here in the Twin Cities and around the world. 

In the fall of 2023, we’re welcoming 30 new leaders to the Harry Kay family–Cohort XI.   

Harry Kay Leadership Institute

What will the Jewish community look like in 2030? 2045? If the Harry Kay Leadership Institute alumni have anything to say about it, we should all feel pretty optimistic. Learn more.

Harry Kay Alumni Network

We created the Harry Kay Alumni Network as an opportunity for alumni to re-engage with each other during leadership summits, salons, reunions, and other programs. Learn more.

The Summit

Through the Harry Kay Leadership Institute, the Harry Kay Alumni Network seeks to bring in speakers to share new ideas and expertise in the areas of leadership and innovation that are relevant to or rooted in the opportunities and challenges facing Jewish communities today.

Click here to learn more about this year’s presentation featuring DUGRI, an Israeli-Palestinian duo that uses honest and straightforward thought leadership as a tool to reconcile with the past.

Who is Harry Kay?

Great question.

The short answer: a man who cared deeply about the Jewish community. The long answer: click here.