Harry Kay Alumni Network

Over the past 25 years, nearly 300 people have participated in HKLI. In the past, after the program was complete, the alumni would do what was intended from the program—they would take on leadership roles in the community, and their official relationship with the Harry Kay Leadership Institute would come to an end.

We have realized, however, that in actuality, the job of developing community leaders was far from finished.

We believe that a strong Jewish community relies on collaboration and that maintaining leaders’ relationships with one another is an integral part of fueling such collaboration.

We created the Harry Kay Alumni Network as an opportunity for alumni to re-engage with each other during leadership summits, salons, reunions, and other programs.


2016-2018 Cohort 9 Directory

Through the Harry Kay Leadership Series, the Harry Kay Alumni Network (HKAN) seeks to bring in speakers to share new ideas and expertise in the areas of leadership and innovation that are relevant to or rooted in the opportunities and challenges facing Jewish communities today. HKAN hopes to bring forward new ideas around leadership development, practice and innovation for discussion and dissemination throughout our community as well as to introduce new approaches, methods, and tools that can serve as platforms to aid our leadership in building and maintaining vibrant Jewish communities in the Twin Cities. The Summit includes a session for the general public as well as a specific course for Jewish community professional leaders and clergy.