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YALA seeks to empower younger adults to make their Jewish identities their own by providing a framework and resources for programming, initiatives, events, and social opportunities. Stay up to date and connect with other YALA participants by giving our page a like!

Want to get more involved in the Jewish community? Do you have an amazing idea for a Jewish initiative or program? Or maybe you just want to hear about cool events, travel opportunities, and free Shabbat wine. Either way, you’ll love Emma, our Young Adult Leadership Action Manager.

TC Jewfolk is the Twin Cities’ only independent Jewish online media hub devoted to engaging, informing, and connecting the Twin Cities Jewish community. Here at TC Jewfolk, we celebrate all of you and your ability to showcase ten thousand ways to be Jewish.

Do you have an idea for a Jewish program? Are you looking for guidance and support with getting a new project off the ground? Do you want to start something special, but just don’t have the resources?  Then the YALA Grassroots Mini-Grant might be for you!